Anthony Fisher
Anthony Marcus Fisher.
22 years old.
Husband. Father. Business Man.

"It's not bragging if you can back it up."
- Muhammad Ali
Festive Meetings | Anthran

Anthony slowly acted to open his eyes, as he saw Kiran beaming above him, shaking him awake. Groaning as he pulled the covers over him, he decided to go back to sleep before realizing what day it was. “What’s the time?” He mumbled, having a peek at the clock beside the bed. “Shit, we have my family’s Christmas lunch, don’t we?”

Luckily, there was still a couple of hours left before they had to make their prompt appearance at the estate. Sitting up, Anthony scratched his head as he tried to wake up from his sleep mood. “Oh, and merry Christmas.” He laughed, reaching over to greet Kiran with a kiss.

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    "It’s the snake that did it." He added, before the two of them walked over to his parents. "Thanks for the lunch, Mom,...
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    Kiran followed his lead as he stood up, wrapping her arms around the boy, “I think that this just might be the best...